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  • For Toshiba 19V, 2.37A, 45W, 5.5mm-2.5mm.
  • Engineered and Manufactured under European Standard ISO 9001, the guaranteed superior quality meets or exceeds the high priced OEM products.
  • Exclusive offering of High Performance, long lasting and durable AC Rechargeable Adapter.
  • COMPATIBILITIES: Toshiba Libretto W105-L251, C650D-ST4NX1, C655D-S5200, C655D-S5226, C655D-S5228, C655D-S5230, C655D-S5232, C655D-S5233, C655D-S5234, C655D-S5236, C655D-S9511D, C655D-SP5134L, L745D-S4220, L745D-S4220BN, L745D-S4220GR, L745D-S4220RD, L745D-S4220WH, T215D-S1140, T215D-S1140RD, T215D-S1140WH, T215D-S1150, T215D-S1150RD, T215D-S1150WH, T215D-S1152, T215D-S1160, T215D-S1160RD, T215D-S1160WH, T215D-SP1001L, T215D-SP1001M, T215D-SP1002L, T215D-SP1002M, T215D-SP1003L, T215D-SP1003M, T215D-SP1004M, T215D-SP1010L, T215D-SP1010M, T215D-SP1011L, T215D-SP1011M, T235D-S1340, T235D-S1340RD, T235D-S1340WH, T235D-S1345, T235D-S1345RD, T235D-S1345WH, T235D-S1360, T235D-S1360RD, T235D-S1360WH, T235D-S9310D, T235-S1350, T235-S1350RD, T235-S1350WH, T235-S1352, T235-S1370, T235-S1370RD, T235-S1370WH, T235-SP2003L, T235-SP2003M, PA3822U-1ACA



  • Brand Name: Amsahr
  • Item Weight: 454g
  • Product Dimension: 7 x 5.1 x 7.6cm
  • Item Model Number: 45W – TA19-02

Voltage: 19V


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